Farmexim was and still is a bold idea [...], a powerful business, business which currently represents one of the most inspired alternatives for the pharmaceutical market in Romania. [...]

Currently, Antibiotice SA is one of the first 15 suppliers of Farmexim and between our teams a synergy was created, which will allow us to develop our business relationships for several times during the next period.

I recently visited a few of Farmexim logistics units. They amaze through their modernity, implemented technology, functionality and good practices which it is impossible not to notice in everything that Farmexim has turned into. And this is what gives us confidence in the future that we started to define together.

Ioan Nani Chief Executive Officer, Antibiotice SA

The beginning of my experience on the Romanian pharmaceutical market dates back to September 1987 and I have witnessed the beginning of Farmexim company, which was the first private distribution partner of the company I was working for at that time, such as I have witnessed the beginning of the free market economy. Ever since, I had worked for other companies as well and during each and every professional experience, Farmexim was one of the main partners.[...]

From the first offices downtown and from its initial organization, Farmexim is currently a very different company and a lot bigger, but in which the spirit of a fruitful cooperation is still lingering.

Dario Ronco Chief Executive Officer, Berlin Chemie

Bristol-Myers Squibb is a biopharmaceutical company which carries out activities worldwide and the measure of our success as a leader is given by the difference that we bring in the lives of our patients. We develop drugs meant to help patients from all over the world to beat serious illnesses. In order to fulfil our mission until the very end we need trustful partners whose activities are governed by the same principles of correctness and prioritisation of the patients’ benefits, such as Bristol-Myers Squibb. The cooperation of more than 20 years with Farmexim team provided us the possibility to be available more rapidly and more efficiently where our drugs are needed. Congratulate the Farmexim for its professionalism in Romania and we are convinced that through the powerful partnership between our companies we will continue to be close to our patients in the future as well.

Călin Gălășeanu M.D. Country Manager Romania, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Farmexim is a very special partner for us, maybe because our evolution is linked to the development of Farmexim. In 2005 when we began to cooperate, we found in Farmexim a standpoint and a landmark. It was for us like a brother that you can always count on through rough times and who provides you with safety for the simple reason that he is right beside you. I have always admired the business model, the courage and the vision that they have proved many times along the way. Today, they are still the same reliable partners that we share our rough times with and that we enjoy celebrating with. Especially because we already know that they were part of the success.

Radu Gorcea Head Pharmacist, Administrator Ducfarm

It is our sincere delight to be partners with Farmexim company almost from the very beginning of their journey to success. It is a true pleasure to work with such a modern, dynamic company represented by talented people. During all those years Farmexim has been a reliable partner, committed to high standards of service and professionalism.

Maria Sukhanova Senior Sales Director Eastern Europe, Octapharma