200 professionals are part of our sales team, split into 2 divisions for a better coverage of our customers’ expectations:

  • The Retail Division, which ministers a number of approximately 3,700 open-circuit pharmacy customers, drugstores, health stores and drugs warehouses from the areas distributed to the 12 branch offices. The relationship with our customers is built on professionalism, trust and mutual support
  • The Hospitals Division, which is especially designed for those more than 475 hospital pharmacies from our customer portfolio, at national level. We cooperate with hospitals from both the public and private sector and we take part, through our auction team, in public procurement procedures.

Programmes designed for partners:

  • support for the release of new products, special campaigns for achieving national numerical distribution in open-circuit pharmacies
  • online promotion (banners) within Farmexim On-Line application of the campaigns and products in focus
  • promotional campaigns meant to encourage the sale of pharmaceutical products (especially OTCs)
  • loyalty and motivation campaigns
  • pharmaceutical conferences, credited with points of Continuous Pharmaceutical Education .

Programmes designed for the sales workforce:

  • motivation strategies correlated with our sales objectives and with those of our partners
  • dedicated competitions and bonuses for reaching the targets of the sales campaigns
  • information and training courses regarding both the portfolio of products and communication, the relationship with the customer, personal development etc., in order to provide our sales team the possibility to have the best approach for the sales process to become a win-win situation.