Farmexim On-Line

Farmexim Online represents a control and analysis interactive service, dedicated to all of our customers and to the suppliers of the company:

  • it provides an interface which is at the same time nice, intuitive and user-friendly, helping the customers to have access to information in real time
  • available all the time for taking orders
  • provides the possibility to book the order
  • checking stocks, history of the orders, invoices and payments
  • allows the access to special offers

Our customers can easily place the orders and then follow the entire flow, they are connected with the most recent offers and promotions, with their qualification requirements and validity periods and it is possible for them to have direct access to campaigns without losing time in searching them on the website.

Access is granted based on a username and a password, while new customers can request them here.

This service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, while the access to it does not require a previous installation, since it can be performed from any computer with access to the internet, at:

Our suppliers can monitor the products available in the warehouses; can access updated reports and analyses regarding the sales and the stocks. At the same time, the application is a very good way of communicating with our customers, in the sense that we can implement online promotion actions or e-mail marketing for the products in focus. Campaigns can be implemented weekly, either towards centralised or regional target, depending on the objectives envisaged. At any time, the application can provide statistical report regarding the campaigns in progress.

Other online applications

Farmexim can develop and make available for the supplier various applications for stocks management, according to their requirements and specifications. The implementation of such applications will provide information to the suppliers in real time throughout the whole distribution flow, as well as all the details needed for a good management of the process. Farmexim provides maintenance for the system and for any subsequent developments.

At the same time, we can make available for our customers applications meant to provide the interface with the computer system of the customers with the view of taking orders and send the invoices electronically.